Create a “New Cool”. Building Your Self-image

Today my daughter came home from school and said “Mommy, you know those new skinny jeans that you bought for me.” I said yes honey!  She said, “Well they were a little baggy, and a couple of my friends asked me why I was wearing baggy skinny jeans.  I wasn’t quite ready for what she said next but I was rather relieved when she didn’t tell me that she hated wearing them because the children had made fun of her.  Anyway, she said that she told her friends that wearing baggy skinny jeans was the “new cool” and that if they wanted to be hip, then they should wear baggy skinny jeans.  Of course I thought to myself, wow it can’t be that easy – but apparently it is.  She told me that by the end of the school day all the girls in her class wanted to know where she had gotten her skinny jeans from as if there was a special store selling baggy skinny jeans.  How could an eight year old be so cleaver?  My daughter has always been very good at setting her our standards and working within her our framework of “cool”.  She  is certainly a leader and not a follower.   But this incident lead me to image how adults could benefit from creating a “new cool” which is defined by ones own shaping of his/her image instead of just following the latest fad or style. Create what you want? What a wonderful idea!  While I’m no expert, I do believe that we all posses the ability to create a “new cool” or to create an image of ourselves as we would like to see it.  Maybe you could start by finding something fashionable that’s your own personal style – whether it be a scarf or a pair of jeans.  I don’t know about you, but chasing the latest fashion is exhausting and sometimes uncomfortable.  Recognizing that we’re unique and not meant to fit into the model that was created by others. Accept flaws and imperfections and the truth of our own reality and each and create a “new cool”.

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