What to consider when hiring a photographer.

Before you hire the next photographer make sure he/she is the right photographer for you!

The biggest mistake most people make when choosing a photographer is to hire based on who is offering the lowest price.  Now don’t get me wrong, price is important – you don’t want to hire outside of your budget, but don’t make price that the focus or even the deal breaker. It could be the difference in having some good photos or some excellent photos.  There is something greater to look for in a photographer and that’s Chemistry.  I’m not talking about the chemistry that you studied in school, but rather the kind of connection that people have with one another.
Besides the standard things that you should ensure that a photographer has like experience, knowledge relating to photography, a personal style, you need to make sure that your personality will mesh well with the photographer. You need to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable receiving instruction from the photographer and entrusting them with the responsibility of capturing the images of you or your special event.

Think about it like this –  photographers are essentially strangers who you need to help you capture the moment in time from your perspective.  Now, don’t you think you need to at least have some sort of chemistry with that person?  You want to look back at your photos 10, 20 or even 30 years later and think about the moment you were in when the image was taken.  You certainly don’t want to have a terrible memory of feeling very uncomfortable.  This is certainly true for hiring a photographer to capture your wedding. The photographer you choose will be around during your most intimate moments (when you are getting ready for the wedding, when you exchange vows, when you cut your cake), so you need to ensure that there’s positive Chemistry between you and the photographer.

The way in which you discover whether or not your personality meshes with another person is to talk with them over the phone, and most importantly meet them in person.   Also, no matter where you find the photographer, whether via a Google internet search, word of mouth referral, make sure you call them on the phone and possibly arrange for an “in-person” meeting. Remember, every need is different and every personality is different.  Just because your Aunt Heather enjoyed working with someone doesn’t mean you’ll have the same success.

In the end, you’ll have no regrets and great images to reminisce of days and time gone by and to hopefully share with future generations.   But above all, remember it is not all about price. The time old saying of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to photography.

CherieJPhotography is scheduling photography sessions for 2012.  If you want to schedule a photography session, please contact me at cherie_jzar@me.com or 704.287.7774.


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