Planning a Company Party or Special Event? Add Something Special to your Next Party |Hire a Professional Photographer

The goal when planning a company or holiday party is to make it fun and memorable.  Most event or party planners are skilled at finding creative ways to add the fun to the party… so I will leave the fun part to the party planner. However,  I will offer one tip and that is make sure you prepare some very well organized and appropriate activities which are catered to the audience. Catering to the audience simply means that first you need to know who will be attending the party – employees of the company, customers, friends and family, children, etc.  and secondly you should know the likes and dislikes of the people who will be attending the party.

For example, if it’s a party where employees are asked to bring their significant other or their entire family, make sure you have activities catered for everyone.  I recently attended a corporate holiday party held at Alton’s Kitchen in Cornelius.  The party was a holiday party for the employees and spouses of a large corporation.  The party planner arranged for the employees to play several rounds of the Minute to Win It Games.  The President dressed up like Guy Fieri and the participants had a ball attempting to balance dice on a Popsicle stick.  If the activities are fun the attendees will talk about them days after the event is over and if the party is dull or boring unfortunately you’ll be talked about – if you know what I mean.

To further increase the value and excitement of your event, you must capture photographs of the event or party and/or capture specialized portraits for your guest.  Having a quality, experienced event photographer like Cherie J Photography is important to your company party or event marketing plan. The photographs of the event can provide much needed images for the annual report or for marketing photos for the company’s website.   Also, a great memento that is sure to leave a lasting impression is a printed and framed individual or group portraits of the participants.  The portraits of the participants can be taken when participants arrive allowing time for the photographs to be printed and distributed before the guests leave.  That’s right, high quality photographs are printed on-site using the latest digital technology!   Cherie J Photography will provide onsite digital photography printing services during your party or event.  I have experience working with event planners and know how important it is to make the entire moment last long after the event ends. When planning your next event, contact me by email at to take advantage of my unique photography services.


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