Spring fever

Every Spring no matter how much is going on in my world, I suffer from Spring Fever. It hits me like a mac truck.  I try to fight it, but it always wins.  So from now own, I vow to just submit and accept the fever.   Instead of working in doors, I revamped and included a lot of outside work time including scheduling more “on locations” photography sessions in area parks, etc..  Every year around this time, I find myself creating unique opportunities to work outdoors and luckly photography is not confined to on particular setting. There are wonderful images all around us.  We just need to take the time to observe..

This past weekend I went out to the US National White Water Center here in Charlotte, NC to watch the Canoe/ Kayak qualifiers and in between runs I went for a stroll with my family on the trail.  I was surprised to see so many flowers on the blackberry bushes. i snapped an image of my neighborhood to compare the budding of the trees.

Spider hiding in a Blackberry Flower

I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors this year.  Hopefully, I will discover new places to explore – and along the way capture some interesting photos.  Here’s to a wonderful and beautiful Spring!


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