Great Child Portrait. children are full of wonder and delight

Young Justin

While visiting family in Houston, TX this past week, I captured this portrait of young Justin.  He is certainly a very energetic and intelligent young man. Those eyes are mesmerizing.  When I thought about capturing this shot of Justin I wanted to creep in close and focus on the eyes. Child Portraits are fun and can relay great emotion.

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Ozare’s First time on the Beach

Ozare's First time on the Beach

My daughter enjoyed every minute at the beach. To my surprise she loved the waves and wasn’t afraid to play around in the water.

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A Flower Garden is a great set for Photography

I can’t wait to take more pictures of the flowers from my Summer Flower Garden.  Check out the petals on this flower.  I love the way the yellow accents look almost like glitter sprinkled.  The honey bees have been hanging around spreading the pollen.

My flower garden serves as my photography studio when I am in the mood to take nature shots.  I certain appreciate the fact that I can just open the door and step outside instead of driving to some remote location to find great shots of flowers.


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The things I love most.

The things I love the most are…..

My wonderful husband and our amazing children.  Laughing. Singing. Mugs with hot drinks. Historic buildings. Strawberries. Lunch or Dinner with Friends. Reading short novels and biographies. Parties. Running. Long hot baths. Flowers. Birds and Butterflies. Mystery movies. Dark Chocolate everything. DYI home renovations. Listening to talk radio. Long walks in the park and along the beach. Lavender. Cooking spicy foods. Playing in the snow. Painting my nails. Shopping for jewelry.  Shoes. Dresses. Weddings. Family Vacations and Family Reunions. Baby Showers. The sweet smell of babies. Dressing up. Going to soccer and basketball games. Waterfalls. Gardening. Jazz music.  Spring blossoms. Fall colors. And I absolutely love taking pictures of it all!


If you’d like to get in front of my camera to allow me to capture your special moment in time, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to hear from you

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Spring fever

Every Spring no matter how much is going on in my world, I suffer from Spring Fever. It hits me like a mac truck.  I try to fight it, but it always wins.  So from now own, I vow to just submit and accept the fever.   Instead of working in doors, I revamped and included a lot of outside work time including scheduling more “on locations” photography sessions in area parks, etc..  Every year around this time, I find myself creating unique opportunities to work outdoors and luckly photography is not confined to on particular setting. There are wonderful images all around us.  We just need to take the time to observe..

This past weekend I went out to the US National White Water Center here in Charlotte, NC to watch the Canoe/ Kayak qualifiers and in between runs I went for a stroll with my family on the trail.  I was surprised to see so many flowers on the blackberry bushes. i snapped an image of my neighborhood to compare the budding of the trees.

Spider hiding in a Blackberry Flower

I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors this year.  Hopefully, I will discover new places to explore – and along the way capture some interesting photos.  Here’s to a wonderful and beautiful Spring!

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Newborn Photography

Newborn baby photography is a vital part of documenting the unique and special first days of life for your new arrival.  It is the starting point of developing a photographic timeline of your child’s life.  The images of your precious baby should be captured within the first 10 days of life but no long than the first 4 weeks.  So it is important to try and book your photographer several weeks prior to the birth of the baby.  
Baby Davis
Besides you’re going to have so much to do once the baby is born, so the more that you can schedule while you’re pregnant the better it will be for you.  Whether you choose classic poses or the creative artistic images, remember that these images are irreplaceable.  You cannot go back in time and create newborn images. Your little one will transform several times over as the weeks of his/her life move forward, which is why it is important to get the photos taken as early as possible.  Plus you won’t have any regrets d own the road. 

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Bright Eyes – Child Portrait

Beautiful Baby

Although challenging I enjoy Photographing babies – especially when I see that twinkle in their eyes 🙂 – Oh Joy!

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