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Remember when you were oh so happy and content with coloring? No computer, no tablet, no TV. That memory came to me yesterday as I sat watching my daughter color at a table in the library. Here’s a shot from that moment.



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Ozare’s First time on the Beach

Ozare's First time on the Beach

My daughter enjoyed every minute at the beach. To my surprise she loved the waves and wasn’t afraid to play around in the water.

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A Flower Garden is a great set for Photography

I can’t wait to take more pictures of the flowers from my Summer Flower Garden.  Check out the petals on this flower.  I love the way the yellow accents look almost like glitter sprinkled.  The honey bees have been hanging around spreading the pollen.

My flower garden serves as my photography studio when I am in the mood to take nature shots.  I certain appreciate the fact that I can just open the door and step outside instead of driving to some remote location to find great shots of flowers.


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Spring fever

Every Spring no matter how much is going on in my world, I suffer from Spring Fever. It hits me like a mac truck.  I try to fight it, but it always wins.  So from now own, I vow to just submit and accept the fever.   Instead of working in doors, I revamped and included a lot of outside work time including scheduling more “on locations” photography sessions in area parks, etc..  Every year around this time, I find myself creating unique opportunities to work outdoors and luckly photography is not confined to on particular setting. There are wonderful images all around us.  We just need to take the time to observe..

This past weekend I went out to the US National White Water Center here in Charlotte, NC to watch the Canoe/ Kayak qualifiers and in between runs I went for a stroll with my family on the trail.  I was surprised to see so many flowers on the blackberry bushes. i snapped an image of my neighborhood to compare the budding of the trees.

Spider hiding in a Blackberry Flower

I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors this year.  Hopefully, I will discover new places to explore – and along the way capture some interesting photos.  Here’s to a wonderful and beautiful Spring!

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Brides, don’t wait. Hire a Wedding Photographer.

Often times newly engaged brides to be are overwhelmed with planning the wedding.  Especially with all the various details like picking out shoes, dresses, caterers, venues, brides maids dresses, and so on that they leave the selection of the photographer as a last minute duty.  So if you are like most brides, you deep into making all the wedding arrangement.  I’m sure you have a long list of recommendations from family and friends which spans from what type of ceremony you should have to where to buy the wedding dress, but before you get to far in, and begin making elaborate plans,  I would suggest that you add “Hire the Wedding Photographer” to your list of most important things to do before moving to far in the planning process.

Brides who wait until the last minute to hire the Photographer often times wind up with less than desirable pictures.  Remember.. this is one of the most important days of your life and you certainly want to make sure you capture every precious moment.  Planning a wedding is exhausting in fact, many Brides will tell you that if they had the money and to do it over again, they’d hire a wedding planner.  So, give yourself enough time to find the right photographer by starting early.  You will need time to find the wedding photographer, meet with them and discuss all of your photography desires before the ceremony.  Also, many of the best photographers schedule weddings months ahead of time and if you wait too long your first choice may not be available to shoot your wedding.  Another thing to remember is that if you are on a budget booking a photographer months in advance can often times save you a little money.  Many Photographers offer discounts for Brides who book and pay early.  I offer all of my Brides the flexibility of paying in installments.  This is a great option for Brides who often times can not afford to pay in one lump payment.

Best wishes to you and you husband to be on your wedding day!

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Sweet Valentines

Valentines is one of my favorite Holidays because of it is a time to remind your special someone that you are still madly in love.  Each year around this time, I rush to the store to buy sweet delicious chocolate and other sugar candy treats. Especially the heart shaped candies as pictures below with the pink message stamped in the center.  These treats take me back to my childhood.  I decided to stick with my heart theme and form the candies into a heart on my white soup bowl.  I used the on camera flash and a 50mm lens.

Sweet Valentines Candy

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Brown Rice: Heart Healthy Food Photography

Brown Rice: Food for the Heart

I enjoy photographing foods of all sorts and this month I decided to get creative with brown rice.  My youngest daughter just turned 6 months and was ready to start eating solid foods and so I purchased some organic brown rice from the neighborhood market.  As I was pouring in into the measuring cup I decided to put some of the rice on a white plate and form it into the shape of a heart and snap a few pics. No artificial lighting used just the natural light and of course a few tweaks in Lightroom.   I really like the outcome.

Brown Rice is very nutritious and one of the foods that is least likely to be an allergen for your baby. Therefore if you are starting your baby on solid foods, I would suggest that you begin with brown rice cereals. Brown Rice is also versatile, and can be combined with any food that your baby likes. Here’s a quick recipe.

  1. Steam 1/2 cup of organic brown rice
  2. Puree the cooked rice with 1 tablespoon of water, breast milk, or formula
  3. Serve warm with side of pureed fruit like banana or apples

    Brown Rice

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